Buying New vs Buying Old

Builders can never fully re-create the nation’s quaint old neighborhoods where every house was different and distinct.  And home buyers have a difficult time finding their dream home in the specific area they want.  The choice between a new home and an older home isn’t necessarily an economic decision.  There are many factors to be taken into consideration as it’s more of a lifestyle decision because so many of the economics are beyond your control.

How do you decide which will best fit your needs and personality?  Here is a list of pros for both new homes and older homes to help.

Home by Cotner Building Company









New Home

1.   A floor plan you desire.  You get to select the exact floor plan and layout you want based on the way you and your family need and want to live.

2.  An exterior you love.

3.  Choose all the details from cabinets to carpet for a truly customized home.

4.  Walk in closets, more storage areas, higher ceilings.

5.  Energy efficiency.

6.  Modern conveniences, such as built in dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, hardwired fire & carbon monoxide detector, security, speaker, media and computer wiring

7.  Built to current code.  Building codes are constantly changing and improving.

8.  New home warranty.


Older Home

1.   Old world construction.  Some were built by hand by genuine craftsmen with meticulous attention to detail.

2.   Larger yard.

3.   More character.  Interesting architectural features are abundant in some older homes such as arches, hand carved decorative appointments and stained-glass windows.

4.   Test of Time. Homes that have been in existence for decades, even hundreds of years is a testament to their true quality. Some of these places have gone through different climate changes and calamities, and if they are still standing, chances are, they will still be there a hundred years from now.

5.   History.  The people or generations that have lived in the older homes add to the mystery and charm of your home.

6.   Longer-term neighbors.  Many neighbors know each other.  Better sense of community.

7.   Established neighborhood.  Zoning changes are unlikely to occur.

8.   Mature landscaping.  Trees are big enough to provide shade.

9. On average, closer to downtown entertainment and restaurants.

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